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Cristosal's team of volunteer advocates are the heart of our grassroots network.  After taking our Advocacy Training, you can commit to becoming part of our Cristosal Advocate team. 

  • Learn. Learn about human rights and Cristosal’s mission.
  • Share. Raise awareness about human rights issues.
  • Invite. Connect others to our mission of advancing human rights.
  • Give. Raise funds for social change by becoming a donor and inviting others to join the mission.

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2016 Financial Overview



Individual Gifts $89,273
Parishes & Dioceses $58,928
Grants $313,012
Center for Research and Learning $51,786
Total Income $512,999



Community Development $48,283
Center for Research and Learning $80,318
Victim Assistance and Advocacy $232,062
Resource Development $35,154
Administration $81,812
Total Expenses $477,629

Data include projections for income and expenses between November 15 and December 31, 2016. 


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