Raise Funds

Your financial support helps to build our core infrastructure, expand our existing programs, and ultimately reach more people. Fundraising doesn't have to be scary! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Donate: Just $25 buys a passport for someone fleeing violence; $500 covers medical care for 5 people fleeing violence.
  • Ask 1-5 others to donate: Not as hard as you might think! Check out these tips to get started. 
  • Share your Cristosal story: Why do you support Cristosal? Tell your Facebook friends! Don’t forget to include a link where they can donate: www.cristosal.org/give
  • Donate a birthday or holiday gift: Ask for a donation to Cristosal in your name, or donate to Cristosal to honor someone else!
  • Host a party: Your friends are there anyway, why not give a 1-minute spiel about Cristosal and put out a donation jar?
  • Set up an info table: If your church, university, or workplace allows it, set out some information about Cristosal and a donation jar (download materials here, or email Hannah to order from VistaPrint).
  • Make it fun: Do you love to bake/run/write/watch movies? How could you connect that with telling other people about Cristosal? Share cookies & Cristosal, organize a 5k, write a blog post, have a human rights movie night… Dedicate a day to doing what you love and sharing Cristosal’s story.  

Audrey’s community raised over $5,000 with a video appeal

"I was transformed through my volunteer experience living in El Salvador – it shaped my worldview and the direction my career would take. I can’t think of a more important or worthwhile cause than working towards a world where everyone, everywhere can claim their human rights." – Audrey Denney

See Her Video

Set Up A Campaign on Generosity

Using artwork to bring attention to Central American refugees

"The more we learned about Cristosal's work, the more compelled we were to act as their messengers ... to find ways here at home to pool our talents in different ways to raise awareness and nurture sustainable support for this critical cause." – Philip And Karen Viola


Download the informational flyers below for use at fundraising meetings and events. Contact hannah.nelson@cristosal.org to order professional flyers or brochures. 

Flyer: Who Is Cristosal?

Fact Sheet: Cristosal's First Case

Fact Sheet: El Mozote

Fact Sheet: Supreme Court cases (amparos)

Check out www.cristosal.org/videos for short videos about who we are, what we do, and how we work.