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How to Take Action in the Face of Great Tragedy

The plaque in front of the El Mozote memorial reads: “They did not die. They are with us, with you, and with all humanity.” As part of humanity, you and I have a choice. Will we let the victims of the El Mozote massacre lay forgotten in a remote corner of El Salvador? Will we let countless others, in El Salvador, in South Sudan, in Syria, join them? Or will we stand with witnesses like Dorila and demand change?

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Armed Forces historical archive on El Mozote remains impenetrable

25 years ago, the Truth Commission report documented the 1981 massacre of more than 900 people in El Mozote and surrounding areas, as well as the Army’s alleged refusal to admit that information from the civil war existed. Finding this information would make it possible to assign responsibility for the massacre, and also make it clear whether or not archives were destroyed related to this and other crimes against humanity.

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