Time Frame for Legislative Assembly to Pass a Law on Forced Displacement Expires

Last year, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court granted the Legislative Assembly a six-month time frame to produce a law for the protection of victims of forced internal displacement. In August 2018, Cristosal presented a draft law to the Assembly. While it has been reviewed by the Assembly, it was sent to the governmental institution that provides attention to victims so they could provide their expert opinion on the law. Furthermore, the Legislative Assembly is still awaiting a draft law from the Executive Branch. On January 13th, the six-month time frame ended, and the Assembly still has not passed such a law.  Nevertheless, some advances have been made.

  1. The Government institution in charge of attention to victims changed its protocol to include victims of forced displacement.

  2. The Ministry of Justice opened a shelter for victims of forced displacement that accommodates 400 people.

  3. The Executive Branch is drafting a law addressing forced displacement due to violence.

  4. A special council was formed to ensure that the Legislative Assembly respects the Supreme Court ruling and creates a law.

In a recent national survey, 89% of Salvadorans stated that they would support a law to address forced displacement. Cristosal continues to push for a law on attention to victims, which would set a huge precedent for the recognition of forced internal displacement in the region.

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This summary is based off of an article in El Mundo by Iliana Cornejo. You can read the full article in Spanish online.

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