Cristosal Reiterates the Need for a Law on Displacement to the IACHR

Cristosal presented a report on people displaced by violence in El Salvador together with organizations from Honduras and Guatemala.

Photo by Salomón Vásquez.

Photo by Salomón Vásquez.

Last Wednesday, before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, El Salvador reiterated the need for a law protecting victims of forced displacement.

The request was made by the organization Cristosal, and was based on a petition previously submitted to the Legislative Assembly in August.

The request comes after the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court emitted a sentence in July in response to an amparo submitted by a family that was displaced by gangs or police. In the sentence, it ordered the Legislative Branch to create a law within six months.

Cristosal also reported to the IACHR the absence of an institutional body to ensure the compliance of the sentence. Along with Cristosal, the organizations Pop Noj from Guatemala and Casa Alianza from Honduras participated in the hearing and presented reports on forced displacement.

Translated from Stanley Luna’s article in El diario de hoy.