Letter by Civil Society Organizations Calls for CBD Commissioner, McAleenan, to Recognize Violence as a Driver of Forced Migration from Central America to the US

An important letter signed by various civil society organizations calling for CBD commissioner, McAleenan, to recognize violence as an important driver of migration from the El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to the US.
"Practices such as turning potential refugees and migrants back to Mexico, separating families and deporting parents without their children, and denying individuals access to a credible fear interview or to full and fair due process violate U.S. and international law , increase vulnerability, and do nothing to deter future forced migration."

Read the full letter here: http://lawg.org/storage/documents/10.9.18_Civil_Society_Statement_on_CBP_Commissioner_McAleenans_Statements_on_Drivers_of_CentAm_Migration.pdf

Paulina P