Request to the Prosecutor's Office to Investigate El Mozote Case

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On September 21, the Court of Segunda Instancia of San Francisco Gotera will listen to new witnesses.

The private attorneys in the El Mozote case asked the Attorney General's Office to investigate the criminal proceedings against 18 military personnel accused of seven crimes, including murder, aggravated rape, deprivation of liberty, home violation, theft, aggravated damage, acts of terrorism, and preparatory acts of terrorism, all included in the 1973-1993 Penal Code.

Tutele Legal said this morning that the Prosecutor's Office has not done its due diligence in the criminal process for this case, although the judge has invited them to do so.

The director of Tutele Legal, Mauricio González, said the behavior of the current Attorney General, Douglas Meléndez, is similar to previous administrations. Even though Meléndez created a specialized group to investigate war crimes, its functionality has been limited due to low funding.

The private attorneys added that in the next few days they will begin procedures to require the armed forces to hand over military information about who formed the troop that raided El Mozote in Morazán. This request has been repeatedly denied, which lawyers call "concealment."

According to the 1993 report of the United Nations Truth Commission in El Salvador, units of the elite Atlacatl Battalion "deliberately and systematically" tortured and executed men, women, and children in Canton El Mozote and the surrounding area between December 10th and 13th, 1981.

Translated from: Cornejo. I. (19 de septiembre de 2017). Piden que Fiscalía investigue en caso El Mozote. Diario El Mundo. Recuperado de: