UN Expert on Internal Displacement Visits El Salvador

UN expert on internal displacement, Cecilia Jiménez-Damary, spent four days in El Salvador last week. She noted with concern the lack of official programs working to combat forced displacement by violence.


Cristosal's 2017 records show that reported levels of forced displacement so far this year are already higher than last year's. We recorded 53 cases representing 265 victims from January to July. (This does not represent the totality of the problem, as many people are afraid to seek help or report their cases.) Despite these numbers, forced displacement by violence is not officially acknowledged in El Salvador.

During her visit, Jiménez-Damary met with state agencies as well as social and non-governmental organizations. She attended a community workshop hosted by Cristosal, where she listened to community members speak about how violence impacted their lives. Local children represented their responses through art, (similar to our July event), and were eager to share their paintings.


Jiménez-Damary was emphatic in her preliminary analysis that victims of violence are clearly entitled to their rights and protection by the State. 

Find more information in this article and video from HispanTV (in Spanish). 


Hannah Rose Nelson