Victim Assistance Update, January-June 2017

VICTIMS ASSISTED 38 cases of violence and forced displacement were addressed by Cristosal. 193 individuals were recognized as victims of violence:

  • 37% children
  • 50% women
  • 46% in situations of displacement
  • 35% direct victims, 65% affected through family ties

REPORTING Half of the households affected did not report their cases to the authorities, citing fear of reprisals, lack of trust in public institutions, and lack of evidence.

WORK AND SCHOOL 29 people stopped working and 17 people stopped attending school because of acts of violence and forced displacement. That’s 49% of the workers and 45% of the school attenders out of these 193 people.

MIGRATION 2 people wanted to go to Canada, 2 to the United States, 1 to Panama, and 1 to Europe. 30 people did not have a specific country in mind.

Hannah Rose Nelson