Nowhere To Go: New Documentary from Noah Bullock and Global Eyes Media on Communities Created by Displaced Families in El Salvador

When the poor are forced to flee their homes from violence, where do they go?

El Milagro de Dios is a 20 minute documentary by Noah Bullock, Doriana Hammond and Jeff Hammond that follows families from one of the over 2,000 impromptu communities in El Salvador.  
It tells the stories of people like Veronica who fled her home with her family after the gangs shot her and murdered her sister. Unable to afford rent anywhere else, they moved onto an abandoned coffee farm with 600 other families.

“Yeah I miss it because we had a great house,” her mom says. “In the house there is a phone, electricity and a ceramic floor. There is plenty of running water, seven rooms, dry space to hang clothes and a garden. I Lost my house, lost my children. I lost everything… everything. They killed my daughter, and this one they almost killed. I had to flee from there to save my life, right?”

With the lack of employment options, these settlements are the only affordable option for 2,000,000 people like Veronica in El Salvador.

There is no public policy to provide basic services like electricity, running water and sewage to these communities.The government’s lack of response places communities in a very vulnerable position and the loss of a home translates into difficulties in accessing other basic human rights including work, education, healthcare and security.

Cristosal recognizes that the 324,000 people displaced from their homes need a safe place to live. In 2017, our Community Development Program will evolve to work with communities and victims to create more secure options to resettle families in El Salvador who were forced to flee violence.

We encourage you to not only watch this documentary, but share it! In viewing the film, you raise your awareness. Watching it with a loved one or as a community event in your parish creates a conversation that can lead to group action. For some tips on getting people together, check out these organizing materials.

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