A Letter from the Director for #GivingTuesday

Dear friends,

This political season has generated great anxiety for many, both within the United States and abroad. Now during this time of transition, it is critically important that we take actions as a global community, affirming our commitment to creating a world in which the rights of all people are respected.

This year, El Salvador is again predicted to be the most violent country in the world not-at-war. As a result, as Kirk Semple wrote last Saturday in the New York Times, we are witnessing a pressing refugee crisis emerging out of Central America’s Northern Triangle. Unprecedented violence is driving entire families abroad seeking protection, many of them to the United States’ southern border. Between 2010-2015 alone, the number of Salvadoran asylum applications world-wide has increased over 500% (UNHCR).

As one Central American migrant said, “you don’t migrate now in search of the American dream… you go for your life.”

Cristosal is one of the few organizations providing direct assistance to migrants and refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Our staff works with families to not only guarantee their safety, but provide legal advocacy and help create a national protection system capable of attending to victims’ needs.

This #GivingTuesday, we ask you to take action and affirm your support for the rights of those most vulnerable in our hemisphere.

Cristosal works with families and institutions to create real protection options for migrants and refugees in Central America. We also work at the global level; Cristosal partcipated in conversations with the UN to develop a Global Compact that can comprehensively address the needs of refugees in our hemisphere. A key pillar of the Compact also calls for us all to work together and combat xenophobia in all its forms, including rhetoric that would diminish the rights of the very families we serve.

Now, more than ever, we need your prayers and support. Please make your gift today and affirm your commitment to protecting the rights of migrants and refugees fleeing violence in our hemisphere.

Thank you,

Noah Bullock

Executive Director

Paulina P