How to Take Action in the Face of Great Tragedy

The plaque in front of the El Mozote memorial reads: “They did not die. They are with us, with you, and with all humanity.” As part of humanity, you and I have a choice. Will we let the victims of the El Mozote massacre lay forgotten in a remote corner of El Salvador? Will we let countless others, in El Salvador, in South Sudan, in Syria, join them? Or will we stand with witnesses like Dorila and demand change?

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Making the Invisible Visible: Hidden Signs of Violence

Human rights organization Cristosal released its 2017 Annual Report on Forced Displacement in El Salvador on Thursday, April 26 to draw attention to the phenomenon and its victims, who are overlooked in El Salvador’s public policy and national dialogue. The same factors that have caused a surge in Salvadoran requests for U.S. asylum in recent years have also displaced hundreds of thousands of people inside the country.

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Hannah Rose Nelson