A Participatory Approach

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Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a democratic and inclusive approach grounded in communities' perspectives. The goal of PAR is to transform social environments through the process and products of research. For Cristosal, it's a key component of strengthening vulnerable groups' abilities to demand and exercise their rights.

Elevating voices that are often marginalized helps researchers reach fuller conclusions and make better recommendations. By working closely with the people involved in an issue, researchers avoid the danger of proposing solutions that don’t make sense to those actually experiencing the problem.

Participatory Action Research is also an active way to defend human rights. It’s a research process that not only yields valuable findings, but also make the population being studied a little less vulnerable. “The most valuable skill for many people is to know how to talk about their own experiences,” says Jeanne. PAR equips people with tools to tell their stories in a way that will be heard by decision-makers. Learn more about Participatory Action Research here.