David Starr Raises $1,000 With Facebook Fundraiser

David Starr.jpg

Last fall, the Reverend David Starr used his birthday to celebrate something close to his heart: Cristosal’s work. He succeeded in raising $1,000 with a simple Facebook fundraiser.

David is a longtime Cristosal supporter. His work as an Episcopal priest coupled with his interest in Spanish took him to El Salvador for 10 weeks in early 2006. It was there that he first heard about Cristosal. When David returned home to the Los Angeles area, he connected with then-board member The Rev. George Woodward and joined a Cristosal base community.

From the beginning, David admired the way Cristosal viewed its work as an equal partnership between people in the United States and El Salvador. Over the years, David has seen Cristosal embrace an increasingly human rights-based approach, guided by the leadership of folks like George Woodward and current Executive Director Noah Bullock. “I believe in Cristosal, in the way they operate, and in the compassion of the people that work there,” says David.

When David’s birthday came around, he noticed his Facebook page was offering to double donations made through its fundraising tool. “My first thought was, this is a good way to get others involved,” David says. “Let’s raise some money for Cristosal, and try to double it! Facebook makes it so easy.”

David’s Facebook friends donated $500 to Cristosal in honor of his birthday, which, thanks to the promotion, was doubled to $1,000. “I put it out there and said, it can’t hurt to ask!” David says. “I was surprised at the response from my Facebook community, it was incredible. People were very, very generous. You’ve got to ask!”

Hannah Rose Nelson