A Letter from the Director

Friends of Cristosal,
I am personally grateful for your support for our mission. Whether you have visited us in El Salvador several times, or are simply motivated by your dedication to human rights, you are an important part of the Cristosal community. Consistent support from people like you makes our work possible. 

We were among the first organizations to build specialized programming to assist families fleeing violence in one of the most dangerous regions in the world. We are now expanding our organizational footprint, lending capacity to government and non-governmental organizations in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. We are an effective advocate on the regional and global stage, strengthening victim protection options for Central Americans. This year we have taken the first steps to provide alternatives to forced migration for families fleeing violence by strengthening local communities as hosts for resettlement of internally displaced people.
Our Strategic Litigation Unit is fighting impunity by supporting the private prosecution of the historic El Mozote massacre case, and by accompanying families forcibly displaced by violence in filing appeals to the Supreme Court. Four of these appeals have been accepted so far.

In the last year, Cristosal provided direct support to nearly 500 individuals who fell victim to terrible atrocities perpetrated by gangs, death squads, and state security forces. These are the people whose courage is truly transformative. It is an honor to walk with them as they overcome trauma and loss, and take action to seek justice and structural change. We believe that if the victims of violence can be hopeful about justice and peace, we must not let resignation and despair keep us from walking alongside them.
We realize there are many worthy causes this year, but I encourage you to continue to make human rights in our hemisphere a giving priority. We have grown substantially in the past decade, but we still depend on your support to keep our operations running. In 2018, we need to raise $350,000 from our grassroots support base. Independent gifts like yours give us the resources to identify unaddressed issues, pilot effective responses, and move key actors to expand impact.
Noah Bullock
Executive Director

Hannah Rose Nelson