On Tear Gas and Refugees

The scenes this week of tear gas fired at migrant children and families are evidence of a failure to manage the protection crisis stemming from the Northern Triangle of Central American (NCTA). Meeting families who bet their lives and well being on walking thousands of miles with rubber bullets, tear gas and barbed wire are not signs of strength and security, but rather of mismanagement and policy failure in the face of crisis.

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Jorge Medrano
Responding to the Migrant Caravans

The news cycle lately has been dominated by the recent surge of Central American migrant caravans and the hardships they face, yet little has been mentioned to highlight the efforts taking place on the ground, in these countries to address the displacement problem.

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Paulina P
How to Take Action in the Face of Great Tragedy

The plaque in front of the El Mozote memorial reads: “They did not die. They are with us, with you, and with all humanity.” As part of humanity, you and I have a choice. Will we let the victims of the El Mozote massacre lay forgotten in a remote corner of El Salvador? Will we let countless others, in El Salvador, in South Sudan, in Syria, join them? Or will we stand with witnesses like Dorila and demand change?

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A New Beginning for Victims of Gang Violence

What does it really mean to be “internally displaced”? Where do the many thousands of people trying to escape violence in El Salvador go? What do their lives look like? To answer some of these questions, I tagged along with our Community Development staff to visit one family who is building a new life in the wake of forced displacement.

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Hannah Rose Nelson