About The School

The Global School creates opportunities for community, religious, student and professional leaders from different cultural backgrounds to engage with one another and learn together how to promote and defend human rights through the lens of Salvadoran experience.

We facilitate intensive week-long seminars using a participatory model, through which students and facilitators share in the learning experience. Our courses are based on Cristosal’s original research and programming, and include discussions led by experts working with the themes of each seminar. Each seminar also includes community field visits, meetings with Salvadoran leaders, and cultural interchange between Salvadoran participants and international participants (those not from El Salvador or Central America). Interpretation is provided in all seminars, ensuring both English and Spanish speakers may participate.

Seminars vary in depth and intensity, and while most are designed for a wide variety of participants, some are designed for a specific group (e.g. seminary students or asylum lawyers). Please review each seminar description to decide which seminar you feel is most appropriate. To reflect the difference in depth, intensity, and participant profile, seminars are labelled as follows:

Level 1 Seminars assume basic familiarity with El Salvador and/or human rights, and provide an introduction to Salvadoran history, human rights, and the listed topic.

Level 2 Seminars assume intermediate familiarity with El Salvador and/or human rights. These seminars will review the Salvadoran context, but emphasize deeper theoretical knowledge and more advanced practical application.

Specialized Seminars are geared toward a specific age group, profession and/or field, and provide opportunities for professionals to build their capacity to be more effective promoters of human rights within their field of work.