Who We Are


Our Mission & Approach

Cristosal is a nongovernmental organization based in El Salvador advancing human rights in Central America through rights-based programming, research, and learning.

We believe every human being is inherently equal in rights and dignity. Our human rights approach to community development and poverty reduction reflects that belief. It repositions the poor from beneficiaries of charity to partners, architects, and owners of their own development process.

Our Story

Cristosal was born in 2000 as a collaboration between Episcopalian ministers in the United States and El Salvador. The Very Reverend Richard Bower, who had recently retired as the Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Syracuse, and The Right Reverend Martin Barahona, who was consecrated in 2000 as the first Salvadoran bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador, came together to form Cristosal.

The organization started as a way for individuals and churches from North America to share relationships and resources with the Church of El Salvador. Inspired by the Church’s focus on justice and rights in post-civil war El Salvador, Cristosal opened a human rights office. Cristosal also began to facilitate communication as the Church developed a voice on national issues.

In 2010, Noah Bullock became the first in-country Executive Director of Foundation Cristosal. Since then, Cristosal has grown from two to over twenty-two employees in El Salvador, gained nonprofit status independent of the Church, pioneered models for cross-cultural learning, and become a leader in human rights-based development and a resource for policy-makers worldwide.

Organizational Leadership

Board Of Directors

  • Diane Paulsell – President

  • Audrey Denney – VP

  • Doug Mouncey – Treasurer

  • Glen Mitchell – Secretary

  • Beth Hershenhart - Resource Development Chair

  • The Right Rev. Gladstone (Skip) Adams III

  • The Right Rev. Thomas C. Ely

  • Rebecca Livengood

  • Scott Pentzer

  • The Right Rev. Greg Rickel

  • Gail Wheeler Rolfe

  • Elmer Romero

  • Kathy Veit

  • The Rev. Amy Denney Zuniga


Strategic Partners


Our Funding Partners


2016 Financial Overview



Individual Gifts $89,273
Parishes & Dioceses $58,928
Grants $313,012
Center for Research and Learning $551,786
Total Income $512,999



Community Development $48,2835
Center for Research and Learning $80,318
Victim Assistance and Advocacy $232,062
Resource Development $35,154
Administration $81,812
Total Expenses $477,629

Data include projections for income and expenses between November 15 and December 31, 2016.