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Center for Human Rights Research & Learning


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When individuals, organizations, and communities engage with Cristosal, they contribute their experiences and perspectives to a growing body of human rights knowledge. Whether it's through the Global School, research partnerships, or regional support networks, this learning community encourages collaboration and shares best practices in human rights issues.

What We Do

The Cristosal Center for Research and Learning promotes learning and publishes knowledge on human development and security within a human rights framework. The seminars, research projects, and forums hosted by the Center facilitate dialogue among community and religious leaders, civil society representatives, professionals, academics, and decision-makers in El Salvador and Central America to improve the public policy which affects vulnerable communities.

The Global School

We offer human rights seminars through the Global School to build skills in people who feel compelled to act locally and globally for justice in the world.

A Participatory Approach

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a democratic and inclusive approach grounded in communities' perspectives. The goal of PAR is to transform social environments through the process and products of research. For Cristosal, it's a key component of strengthening vulnerable groups' abilities to demand and exercise their rights.


Research Focus Areas

  • Victim Protection and Advocacy
  • Community-based Conflict Transformation
  • Gender and Violence
  • Gang-related Violence
  • Reinsertion and Restorative Practice
  • Discrimination and Empowerment
  • Violent State actors and Impunity
  • Urban Spaces and Citizen Security
  • Liberation Art and a Culture of Peace

Focus Populations

  • Youth and adult community leaders in high-risk areas
  • Community-based conflict transformation
  • Female victims of displacement
  • LGBTI victims of state discrimination
  • Incarcerated gang-affiliated youth
  • Victims of state violence

Our Impact in 2015



Investigations conducted on rights issues in El Salvador, including forced displacement and the inclusion of LGBTQI persons in communites of faith. 



New Global School alumni from North America and El Salvador who joined the Global School this year for weeklong trainings on human rights themes. 



Attendees at national forums hosted by Cristosal on human rights issues including the rights of indigenous and LGBTQI persons, and environmental contamination. 


Research Update

Cristosal’s Center for Research & Learning is currently working with the non-profit Catholic Relief Services (CRS) to study how violence impacts their cacao development project along the coastal region of El Salvador. The 5-year project, called the "El Salvador Cacao Alliance," hopes to establish new cacao agroforestry systems on at least 10,000 smallholder farms in up to 83 municipalities throughout the country.

Despite recognition of widespread violence in El Salvador, there is little understanding of how this violence has impacted community development projects, and how agencies can mitigate these impacts. This study hopes to develop strategies NGOs can use as a model to mitigate or navigate the effects of crime and violence where they work.

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