Call To Action

Cristosal’s depends on the leadership and advocacy of individuals like you to address the refugee crisis here in our hemisphere. By lending your voice, resources, and time to Cristosal, you help to guarantee our core operations, giving us the independence and flexibility we need to respond quickly and creatively to problems as they arise.

Download this document for a step by step guide to get involved in our fall campaign #WithRefugees


Regardless of how important or even dramatic statistics are in El Salvador, what moves us to action are the stories that convey families’ experiences in El Salvador. Email Hannah ( or Jim ( to get a copy of this document.

Pray For Refugees

Include this prayer as a part of your parish services, or as part of your individual practice.

O God, your holy child Jesus was a refugee in Egypt, fleeing the violence of Herod. Protect your children today who are forced to flee violence in its many forms. Bring them to safe refuge. Awaken hearts and minds to the involuntary uprooting of peoples across our globe, and help us to re-order this world in the image of your love. Amen.

Support An Individual Fundraising Campaign

Join us in El Salvador for the Global School

Invite others to join you on a Global School seminar in 2017 and learn more about forced migration and displacement in Central America. Check out the 2017 course catalog: