This kite-maker receives training through a community business cooperative in La Anemona 6 supported by Foundation Cristosal. Photo by Ryan Hutton ©

Our Mission

Foundation Cristosal is a faith-based human rights and community development organization with Anglican roots that works to strengthen the ability of the poor to act for justice and development as equal citizens in a democratic society. Our professional team works with local leaders to achieve development goals by defending human rights and empowering Salvadorans with the skills and resources to improve the quality of life in their communities.


Our Partner Communities:


El Carmen

El Carmen was founded in 1992 by ex-combatants and displaced people who were given land at the signing of the U.N. Peace Accords that ended El Salvador’s 12-year civil war. Twenty-six families live in the isolated community located in the foothills of the Usulutan coffee-producing highlands...


Las Anenomas 2 & 6

Some 2 million Salvadorans – one-third of the population – live in substandard housing, many on land that does not belong to them. In La Anemona, Foundation Cristosal is partnering with community leaders to legalize the land on which 189 families have built homes and to create a more stable economic...


Los Calix

Los Calix is home to one of the Anglican-Episcopal Church of El Salvador’s most active congregations, Cristo Rey. The church first started a mission in the community in 2005 after floodwaters from Hurricane Stan devastated the Lempa River delta, where Los Calix...

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