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Cristosal Advocates

Cristosal is building a team of volunteers to raise awareness about human rights issues and expand its supporters in North America.  As a Cristosal Advocate, help us expand our grassroots network to build understanding of and support for our mission.



Cristosal’s work is evidence that inspired individuals can make a positive contribution to the safety and dignity of refugees in Central America.

As the world struggles to deal with unprecedented violence and displacement, our grassroots network of supporters in North America guarantees our independence and ability to respond quickly and creatively to problems as they arise. 

As world leaders meet this fall in New York for the UN Summit on Refugees and Migrants to address the largest global refugee crisis ever recorded, you have a key role to play making sure Central America is not overlooked and empower us to expand on our success.


Take Action This Year

Fundraise For Central American Refugees

Audrey’s community raised over $5,000 with a video appeal

"I was transformed through my volunteer experience living in El Salvador – it shaped my worldview and the direction my career would take. I can’t think of a more important or worthwhile cause than working towards a world where everyone, everywhere can claim their human rights." – Audrey Denney

See Her Video

Set Up A Campaign on Generosity

Your financial support helps to build our core infrastructure, expand our existing programs, and ultimately reach more people.

From donating your birthday, hosting a giving party at your house or setting up a film festival, the possibilities are endless.


Educate and Raise Awareness

Using artwork to bring attention to Central American refugees

"The more we learned about Cristosal's work, the more compelled we were to act as their messengers ... to find ways here at home to pool our talents in different ways to raise awareness and nurture sustainable support for this critical cause." – Philip And Karen Viola

Join Cristosal and the UN efforts to combat xenophobia. Host a forum or join one of our livestreams, organize a book club, or partner with a local expert or organization addressing violence in Central America.

Find additional educational resources here.


Travel to El Salvador on a Global School Seminar

Bringing the Global School to a parish community in Philadelphia

"At a time when many organizations are involved in work that leads to dependency, Cristosal focuses in helping people become aware of their basic human rights, and their rights for self-determination in charting their own development and future." – The Very Rev. Dr. Koshy Mathews

Global School Seminar

Join the Global School for a week long seminar with North American and Salvadoran participants on key human rights issues. 

Build your skills as a human rights leader challenging perspectives and forming new relationships with other leaders in your field.

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Donation checks should be made payable to Cristosal and sent to the following address:

401 W. Division Street #9641
Syracuse NY 13290

If donating by check, please include your email address with the check.

Cristosal depends on the support of individual donors, church groups and other philanthropic organizations to maintain its independence and innovative capacity as a human rights organization. More than 75% of your tax-deductible donations are spent directly on programs:

  • Providing humanitarian and legal assistance directly to victims of violence and human rights violations
  • Training leaders in community organizing, local democracy, project planning and advocacy
  • Participatory research on key human rights issues including forced disappearances
  • Global advocacy for increased protections of Central Americans forcibly displaced by violence

Cristosal is a 501 (c) (3) registered charity under the US Internal Revenue Service tax code. Cristosal's EIN is 03-0366224.