A Participatory Approach

Participatory Action Research (PAR) is a democratic and inclusive approach grounded in communities' perspectives. The goal of PAR is to transform social environments through the process and products of research. For Cristosal, it's a key component of strengthening vulnerable groups' abilities to demand and exercise their rights.


Research Focus Areas

  • Victim Protection and Advocacy
  • Community-based Conflict Transformation
  • Gender and Violence
  • Gang-related Violence
  • Reinsertion and Restorative Practice
  • Discrimination and Empowerment
  • Violent State actors and Impunity
  • Urban Spaces and Citizen Security
  • Liberation Art and a Culture of Peace

Focus Populations

  • Youth and adult community leaders in high-risk areas
  • Community-based conflict transformation
  • Female victims of displacement
  • LGBTI victims of state discrimination
  • Incarcerated gang-affiliated youth
  • Victims of state violence