A Participatory Approach

Participatory action research (PAR) is more of an approach to research than a methodology. It is a democratic and inclusive approach grounded in communities and their experiences. The goal of PAR research is to transform the social environment through both the process and products of research. For Cristosal, it is a key component of strengthening the ability of groups who are vulnerable to rights violations to demand and exercise their rights.


Research Focus Areas

  • Victim Protection and Advocacy
  • Community-based Conflict Transformation
  • Gender and Violence
  • Gang-related Violence
  • Reinsertion and Restorative Practice
  • Discrimination and Empowerment
  • Violent State actors and Impunity
  • Urban Spaces and Citizen Security
  • Liberation Art and a Culture of Peace

Focus Populations

  • Youth and Adult Community Leaders in High-Risk Areas
  • Community-Based Conflict Transformation
  • Women/Girls Victims of Displacement
  • LGBTI Victims of State Discrimination
  • Incarcerated Gang-Affiliated Youth
  • Victims of State Violence