Advancing human rights in Central America



Protect Central American Refugees


710,000 people right now are displaced by violence in El Salvador, Guatamala and Honduras where every day their very lives are in danger. Cristosal is creating innovative protection models and working with regional governments to guarantee the rights of Central American Refugees. 

On September 22, World Leaders are pledging financial resources to address this crisis. Join the movement - support Cristosal.


We believe every human being is inherently equal in rights and dignity.

We work to create a world in which all individuals and communities affected by structural, direct, and cultural violence have the capacity to exercise their human rights.


What We Do

Victim Assistance & Advocacy

Protecting the rights of those displaced by violence in Central America.

Community Development

Building capacities for peace and democracy at the community level.

Research & Learning

Informing today’s human rights leaders.


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Cristosal depends on your donation to continue improving conditions for thousands of families in Central America. Help us protect those who need it most.